Welcome – Linking foprop & social.coop

The #foprop website www.foprop.org contains work on C21 legacy, arising thro 50 years as a libertarian-socialist activist. It's about the living of activist lives – today – with an informed sense of ongoing history, the pluriversality of activist formations (terrible word, sorry, but needed?) and clear-headed, open-hearted insight into the mind-boggling scope of human scope, for well and for ill, in the material, cultural and emotional commons.

I mean to use this blog as a link across from foprop work-in-progress, to friends and collaborators in the Mastodon community of social.coop – and others in the fediverse. foprop is analytical, a theory-of-practice project . . well, a practice-and-theory project . . concerned with particulars of time, place and context, and also with the collective framing of broad mutual evolving understandings of how to conduct activist practice in building #P2P commons.

Not everybody in social.coop is 'into theory' and not everybody will agree on what counts as #theory anyway . . so this blog will try to explore that, and evolve a sense of how this project (an 'organic intellectual', baby-boomer, libertarian-socialist project) weaves into the C21 fabric of solidarity-economy activism, cooperation, open-collaborative commoning and autonomist initiatives in the fediverse, making the #LivingEconomy.

This is just an opener. Happy to chat about the project in Mastodon https://social.coop/@mike_hales, blogs to start soon. Follow the blog in the fediverse . . foprop@write.as

This is a blog by Mike Hales https://social.coop/@mike_hales linked with the foprop P2P-commons pattern-language website (Forces of Production, Relations of Production) www.foprop.org